Legality Company


United Global Asset Management (UGAM) is a subsidiary of United Global Asset Holding Limited, which holds a Principal's Financial License and Regulated for dealing in securities granted by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) under the authority of the Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Vanuatu (VFSC Company Number 15028).

UGAM is fully compliant with the proper criteria and specific requirements under Act No. 13 of the 2014 AML/CTF Act, meeting intentional Financial Action Task Force standards.

Our Vision

United Global Asset Management aims to be recognized globally as an investment partner to help investors to achieve their financial needs, seeking to maximize their portfolio growth and profitability potential. Please find on our page a comprehensive guide to the array of services available for the benefit of our customers.

Our Mission

To create value for our clients, employees, shareholders and the global community. We strive to be among the best-in-class financial services companies by delivering a diverse range of established and pioneering products suited to the changing and increasingly complicated needs of our clients. Our highly talented workforces are committed to reliability, consistency and dedicated focus on maximizing client investment returns.