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A binary option also known as digital option is a simple method of investing in the price of an asset going up or down. E.g. So if an investor thinks that the exchange rate of EURUSD will rise in value, they can take out a binary option to buy (place a ‘up’) order, If the price is higher at the point the option expires, they will receive a payout of between 80% and 95%, but if they are wrong and the price falls, they will lose the amount invested on the trade.

Why We Trade Binary Options?

We can choose the desired SECTOR of Industry

Financial repots and the development of the company can be EASILY ACCESSED, FAST and TRANSPARENT trough various media.

We can select group of companies that is ASSURED and SECURED

USA individual stocks consist of the LARGEST companies and TRUSTED from all over the world.

In the last 5 years, the stocks are experiencing HIGHER PRICE in ASSET which has already exceeded 100%

THERE IS NO MANIPULATION in the company's financial statement / reports

Binary options are available on a range of different assets. Stock, foreign exchange rates (forex), indices or commodities (such as oil or gold). There are then a range of durations (referred to as the expiry time) over which the binary option will last. These range from 60 seconds to 1 hour. So a trader simply needs to pick an asset, a time horizon and decide whether the price will go up or down.

How to start trading?

Identify the asset to trade

Decide if the value will rise (UP) or fall (DOWN)

Identify the expiry time (The time the option will end)

Decide on the size of the trade or investment

After that, it is a matter of waiting to see if the value of the underlying asset does move in the expected direction. Layers of complexity can be added as a trader becomes more advanced, but those are the basic elements of trading binary options. This clarity is one of the attractions of binary options trading. Both the level of investment, the risk, and the level of returns are known as soon as the option is taken. There is no leverage on the investment, and the specific value of the price does not effect the eventual returns. Just whether it has risen or fallen.


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